The Mafia Island Trip

Join us on a safari with whale Sharks, an incredible adventure! Witness the world’s largest living fish. These completely harmless giants, feeding on plankton, reside near Zanzibar, on one of its affiliated islands – the proudly named Mafia.

On-site – an amazing adventure. Snorkel with sharks, enjoy lunch, and embark on a city tour on this beautiful, still virgin island. Depending on how much time we have, there might be a chance to see flying foxes!

The Mafia Island Trip

Our private driver service will take care of your transport to and from this experience. You can find out more about this service by clicking here.

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The Mafia Island Trip
Milele Beach Resort

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Helen C. Bertrand
We did our honeymoon there and it was perfect. The rooms are beachfront and have areas to relax. The restaurant is amazing and serve delicious food, the best we ate in zanzibar. The staff are very nice and welcoming . Very recommended!
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Belle Segev
Great location! It is right on the beach very quiet part of the island! We enjoyed our time and we can’t thank the staff enough for being so wonderful and hospitable! We had to leave early in the morning for a flight Lisa woke up at 4 am to make sure we are up and brought delicious breakfast with everything we asked for especially for us! She and the wonderful crew had made the vacation feel like home. Highly recommended!!!
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Asma Kadri
The staff was so friendly, the rooms were amazing and the food was to die for. I especially enjoyed all the games they had available. Highly recommended!!
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Ayoub Khamis
This is the best place to come relax, holiday, beautiful sea breezes, bigger rooms and lovely accommodation, good food, enjoyed so much.
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